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Meet Dr. John Gallant

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Passionate about helping others, Dr. John finds it rewarding to see the gratifying look on a patient’s face after their adjustment. He understands what they’re feeling, as he’s also experienced firsthand the remarkable benefits of chiropractic care.

Getting Out of Pain & On the Chiropractic Path

Dr. John’s first exposure to chiropractic was when he injured his lower back while attending undergraduate school. He lifted heavy weights then, and while squatting, he fell to the ground and lost all feeling in his legs. Dr. John was ambulated to the hospital and given muscle relaxers and painkillers.

The doctor recommended bed rest and nothing more.


After two agonizing weeks of being laid up in bed, my friend ‘Mr. Maine,’ who I call my guiding angel now, dragged me to his doctor. Not knowing what kind of doctor, I was quiet.

He brought me to see who is now my second mentor. The chiropractor took X-rays and worked on me while I was trying to hold the painful tears back. He adjusted me and told me to come back tomorrow, but to ice every hour on the hour. The next morning, I could walk on my own to get in the car. After my second treatment, I was walking upright pain-free.

Dr. John continued through his care plan, because he knew how important that was. As he was so impressed by the results he got, he asked the chiropractor if he could shadow him. “He educated me about chiropractic, and my decision on what to do was easy—the universe guided me!”

Lower back adjustmentEducation & Certifications

In 1998, Dr. John graduated from the prestigious Logan College of Chiropractic with his Doctor of Chiropractic. While in school, he was the recipient of the Academic and Clinical Excellence Award. He also has the following credentials:

  • Certification in Active Release Technique
  • Certification in Upper and Lower Extremity Adjusting through the Mally Institute
  • Possesses over 200 hours in Functional Medicine/Nutrition

During his private practice of 18 years in Maine, Dr. John also received his Fellowship in Chiropractic Acupuncture. He also took multiple (too many to list!) continuing education courses throughout his career.

Providing Comfortable, Custom-Tailored Care

Dr. John understands that patients who haven’t been adjusted before may be anxious. “I always tell potential new patients that we have many techniques under our belt to help soothe their anxieties.” For many people, the biggest thing they feel anxious about is getting their neck adjusted.

The good news is that Dr. John uses the Activator Method, which doesn’t require any twisting of the neck, and it’s a gentle force. He also has patients who love to have their necks adjusted by hands. “Put your anxieties aside, because we cater to you and how you want your adjustments to stay healthy.”

Dr. John also wants patients to take an active role in their treatments. He’s big on sending them home with exercises and stretching, and he always tailors everyone’s treatment protocol to give them the best outcome possible.

Enjoying an Active Family Life

When he’s not working, Dr. John loves spending time with his son Zachary and his daughter Paige.

He also enjoys going to the gym, paddleboarding, kayaking, water skiing, and snow skiing. What grounds him the most is strenuous hiking.

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