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Polarity Therapy is a unique wellness practice.

Polarity Therapy is a truly holistic practice that works for anyone, in any state of health. It meets you where you are and inspires positive changes that are just right for you. Polarity Therapy is a system of treatment used in alternative medicine, intended to restore a balanced distribution of the body’s energy by combining touch, exercise, and self-awareness.

Polarity Therapy facilitates personal transformation.

This unique form of energy healing enables you to look at what you’re carrying as pain, stress and disease. It provides an opportunity to access and unwind the origins that create physical, mental and emotional symptoms. In addition to working with your body, you are supported with verbal communication and reflective listening.

What to Expect During a Polarity Therapy Sessionwellness-285590_1920

  • Consultation: A typical polarity therapy session begins with a consultation, during which the practitioner will ask about your medical history, current health concerns, and lifestyle.
  • Touch: During a session, a client will remain dressed while the practitioner uses their hands to apply pressure to specific points on the body, such as the feet, hands, head, neck and spine.
  • Clear Quartz Crystals are placed on various points of the body throughout the session to enhance, amplify and clear energetic fields.

Polarity is Easily Combined with Massage and Reiki

This holistic modality combines deliciously with all types of bodywork.