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Meet the Triskelia Wellness Team

Elizabeth Barnes

Elizabeth Barnes, LMT, Office Manager

Elizabeth works both as a massage therapist at the practice and patient care for Dr Buik.  She is a strong believer that chiropractic care can improve or reverse many issues that other doctors give up on.

In her massage practice she specializes in deep tissue and cupping, Swedish, neuromuscular technique, lymphatic, and reflexology.

Maximus “Max” – Therapy Pup

Max, Official Treat Inspector

Max serves several important functions at the office, he is our Official Greeter and Director of Cuteness Operations. He is proud of his recent promotion to “Official Treat Inspector”. Max was hit by a car in October 2016, forcing him to lose his leg and has become a real inspiration around the office for overcoming obstacles.  He himself is a chiropractic patient and loves how frisky he feels after being adjusted!

Favorite past-times are napping, playing with his foot ball, going for adventure walks as well as chasing his brother and sisters.

Nicholas Boccia – Licensed Massage Therapist

Nicholas Boccia

Nicholas Boccia, LMT

Whether you are looking to escape from pain or stress, Nick has a solution for you. He is certified in Cranial Sacral Technique and has his Medical Massage Practitioner License.

As a certified personal trainer he has a deep understanding of the mechanisms of the body. He has a unique ability  to trouble-shoot your issue through massage, stretching and a change in ergonomics or training to get you feeling better fast.

He has worked in both the spa and medical environment and enjoys bringing massage to special events. Learn more

Wendy Defranzo – Energy Worker & Wellness Coach

Wendy Defranzo

Wendy Defranzo, Certified Wellness Coach and Reiki Master

I’m an Intuitive Energy Healer and Wellness Coach certified in several healing energy modalities. I work with people who seek holistic solutions to problems that most doctors prescribe meds for. I help them naturally release stress, relieve pain, heal faster, shed emotional baggage, and gain an awareness of their mind-body connection. My clients experience improvements in their physical and emotional health from our very first session together. My mission is to help you heal; to inspire you to take a deep dive into the depths of your soul so you can release all that no longer serves you. I will help you achieve overall wellness, Mind, Body, and Soul so you can live a vibrant life!


We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your greatest healing. Contact us today!