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Scoliosis in Derry

Understanding Scoliosis

overlay of spine illustration on persons backScoliosis is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine that often begins as a postural distortion. When left untreated, it can progress into a permanent deformity. There are three main causes of this condition—congenital (genetic predisposition), habitual (behavioral routines), or idiopathic (unknown cause).

It manifests as high shoulders, low hips that affect clothing fit, and uneven shoe wear. Children may also experience back and leg discomfort, often dismissed as “growing pains.” It’s essential to recognize these signs to seek timely care.

Starting Care

Chiropractic adjustments are crucial in improving our patients’ spine’s structure and function. These adjustments may also help strengthen and retrain muscles, ultimately improving posture.

Heavy backpacks are a growing concern in relation to scoliosis. To mitigate this, it’s crucial to ensure that your child uses both shoulder straps to distribute the weight evenly. Additionally, the backpack should not exceed 10%-15% of their body weight.

Targeted Solutions for Success

At Triskelia Wellness, our doctor uses the Activator® method to treat scoliosis. This technique allows for precise adjustments that may be challenging to achieve with manual adjustments alone. This gentle and accurate approach helps alleviate discomfort and promote better spinal alignment.

Our approach to scoliosis begins with a comprehensive evaluation to understand each patient’s severity and unique needs. Education is central to managing scoliosis effectively. We stress the importance of maintaining a strong core and working on flexibility to support spinal health.

We often use the analogy of a car that’s out of alignment, and just as regular maintenance prevents uneven tire wear, proactive care and exercises help maintain spinal health.

Results You Can See and Feel

We’ve witnessed remarkable success stories with patients of all ages dealing with scoliosis. One patient, a baker with a physically demanding job, experienced severe back pain. She regained an active lifestyle through targeted chiropractic adjustments, addressing muscle spasms, and emphasizing core strengthening exercises. Another older patient with scoliosis also found significant relief through regular chiropractic care and core maintenance.

We understand that each individual’s scoliosis journey is unique. We encourage a proactive approach to scoliosis care, whether through regular visits to our practice or following a personalized home exercise program. By committing to core strength and recommended activities, you can take control of your scoliosis and experience improved function and well-being.

Help Is Available

If you or your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis, contact Triskelia Wellness today to schedule a thorough evaluation and begin your customized chiropractic care journey. Together, we can work towards reducing discomfort, improving function, and helping you maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle.



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